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Competition between online stores for market shares is becoming tighter while the markets combine and consumers’ trust in cross-border trade increases. The most important element of success for an online store is visitor traffic - without potential customers, you cannot sell.

Starting international trade is easier than one might think. Consumer confidence in cross border shopping is increasing and the demand for international consumers can be tested easily. A third party logistics partner like OGOship makes it easy to test international shipments with low risk and minimum effort.

Free your time from logistic operations! Outsourcing storage and shipments are no longer just for companies with large volumes. Actually, benefits of outsourcing are most vital to those who have limited time or investment resources in use. You can outsource all logistics: inventory, pick&pack, packaging and delivery processes.

E-commerce markets are growing year after year. The amount of online stores and delivery companies in increasing.This means that  the logistics of e-commerce keeps growing. Logistics face more and more challenges, as the end customers need shipments quickly and worldwide. What does it mean for your business? What the end customers really need now are alternative delivery options and flexibility.

More and more order fulfillment are sent every month. The increase in online spending and the specific delivery needs of end customers will shape e-commerce logistics. The methods of delivery we are used to now will certainly change in the future. Prepare your online store for the following five trends in e-com logistics.

Increasingly, American businesses are seeking to expand their operations to foreign markets overseas.
Global expansion allows opportunities for increased sales and revenue, but is also accompanied by considerable risk if not well-researched. Entering unknown markets can be rife with challenges, especially for companies who have not previously made a foray outside of the country.