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The global e-commerce market grows each year. Consumers’ trust in online sales increases and orders are submitted more and more internationally. Succeeding in international competition requires a smart online store, marketing focused on the target group, efficient logistics chains as well as a selection of delivery methods out of which everyone can find a suitable delivery method. 

The two dimensions of e-commerce sales – the decision to order and the decision to keep the order.

In terms of the growth of an online store, we have discussed in previous texts the increase of online store visitor counts, converting visitors in to customers, as well as increasing additional sales for each order. Next, we shall discuss the essential dimension of an online store: how to confirm a customer's decision to keep an order?

The same rules of law for increasing sales profit apply to both an online store as a brick and mortar store or in solution sales. The more you sell to a customer, the better sales profit you will achieve. Before developing additional sales, the online store should ensure a sufficient number of visitors to the website by optimising the content of the site and the technical implementation, as well as by marketing and campaigning. When these two foundations of an online store’s sales are in place, we begin to develop additional sales and cross sales.

A requirement for online store sales is the continuous increase of visitor counts. Visitor traffic in itself does not directly increase sales, but the online store owner must ensure that as many of the visitors as possible add products to their shopping basket and pay for their purchase. This is called a conversion percentage, which calculates how many visitors per one hundred visitors make an order.

Competition between online stores for market shares is becoming tighter while the markets combine and consumers’ trust in cross-border trade increases. The most important element of success for an online store is visitor traffic - without potential customers, you cannot sell.