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“Using OGOship has been effortless from the beginning as it's a very easy system to work with. Great website design and great support if needed from the OGOship team. I highly recommend working with OGOship to both bigger as well as smaller companies"

Did you know that half of your customers won’t return to your online store for a re-buy if the delivery experience during shipment was negative? Read more on OGOship blog TOP5 tips to engage your customers with shipment success.



OGOship attentended Emeet in Gothenburg Sweden, an event for e-retailers organized by Ehandel.se, Sweden's biggest e-retailer meeting place. OGOship was a partner at the event, holding two workshops for attending e-retailers. The theme at Emeet for OGOship was the "New supply chain" and "Multi-location warehousing"

The popularity of e-commerce is increasing every year. Domestic digital consumers usually make their online purchases at domestic online stores. However, country borders do not cause restrictions. According to a study carried out by the Finnish Commerce Federation, more than 40 percent of domestic euros end up in foreign online stores. A cross border online store offers unseen opportunities, as well as challenges. The internationalisation of an online store’s operations has never been easier, at least in theory.

The business operations of an online store owner are mainly online as the term suggests. An online store is not however always completely online.

An online store owner’s store is online, the customers are online, the customer service takes place online and creating the interest to purchase takes place online. This does not, however, guarantee that the online store owner him-/herself would be independent from time and location. Products are sent and there are daily chores to be completed at the warehouse. The online store itself is online, but the shipment of physical products requires physical presence.