OGOship Fulfillment - Start-up guidance

Starting with OGOship has been made super easy and inexpensive. You can do the set-up yourself or we can help you with it. The basic steps are:

  1. Create an account to myOGO
  2. Install and set-up an integration
  3. Move your goods to an OGOship warehouse.

Do it yourself set-up

You can get started by setting up your account yourself. The general steps that you need to do are:

  1. Create an account to myOGO and create your merchant profile there
  2. Install an online store integration (see our FAQ section and instructions for integrations)
  3. Order a pick-up for your goods from us.

That's it! You can get shipping as soon as we receive your goods. For more detailed set-up guidance, please see our guides section.


Guided set-up from OGOship

We are here to help you at every step. We can help you with pretty much anything related to your set-up:

  • Creating your account to myOGO and setting up your merchant profile
  • Setting up your integration by remote guidance
  • Guidance on actual logistics and shipping
  • Guidance on customs and VAT
  • Shipping your goods to OGOship etc.

We can also demo our services to you and you can book a visit to one of our warehouses. Welcome!

Ask for set-up assistance by filling in the contact form below!


Amazing. It took 5 minutes to integrate my online store to OGOship Warehouse Management system!