myOGO Software for automated online store order handling and inventory

This is the backend warehouse management software of OGOship where all the magic concerning your shipments and products happens. myOGO communicates with your online store and receives your product information and shipment information. This is also the software that our warehouse staff uses to stock your goods. All stock shelf locations are here, all incoming shipments - pretty much everything related to your physical products can be found here.

You can log in at anytime. Creating your credentials there is free of charge. Try it out!

You can also activate value added PRO-services for your business at myOGO.

Screenshot from myOGO:


Automation between your Online Store and myOGO

We have created our software especially for online retail. Our core principle is that everything that can be automated, should be automated. Whenever there is a situation where we need your input, myOGO sends you an automated email with a link to the place where you can resolve the situation. This might happen e.g. in a situation where we have to resolve a question concerning an incoming shipment from your supplier.

With our reliable automated functions you can truly focus on more important things to do with your time. Grow your business, take a holiday, go fishing!


Online Store order fulfillment made easy and flexible.
- Just the way I want it.