Delivery to Warehouse

1st shipments

You can deliver goods to our warehouse at any time. We can help you with your 1st incoming shipments and can arrange for the pick-up from your location or from your supplier. Please read through this instruction to understand what to consider with the 1st shipments.


General instructions

Your incoming shipments to the warehouse should be delivered to the door of the warehouse. Important: The name of your company should be the main receiver of the shipment because:

  • the customs officials (if the shipment is coming outside the EU) need the official company name and
  • the freight company can contact the right company if there are problems with the shipment.

If you only mark down e.g. "Gogosend" or "OGOship" as the receiver without the "c/o" marking, additional customs or other inquiry costs may occur.   Always input your own company's contact email address to an incoming shipment. The freight company can then contact you directly if there are any questions.  


Warehouse Tallinn TLL1

Use the following address:

Own company name c/o GoGoSend Ou (OGOship)

Kalmistu tee 26 (ladu 40)

11216 Tallinn ESTONIA

Phone for the freight company: +372-6971159  


Warehouse Vantaa VNT

Use the following address:

Own company name c/o Van&Poika Oy (OGOship)

Tiilenpolttajankuja 6

01720 Vantaa FINLAND

Phone for the freight company: +358-40-9009800