WooCommerce instructions

Install plugin

Go to your Market Place and search for OGOship plugin. Install and activate it.


Link myOGO merchant to WooCommerce


If you don't have an account create your myOGO account.

Edit merchant settings under Globe icon => Edit merchant.

Copy Merchant ID and API Secret Token from myOGO Merchant page and add them to WooCommerce general settings.

Then click to export products to OGOship.

If you don't want to send every product to OGOship, check the box "Do not export to OGOship" on the product page.

In the products must be enabled to stock management at product level and individual sku.


If you are selling variable products, remember also to set a different sku for each one. Otherwise it won't transfer to myOGO. Do not use characters / or \.

Verify integration


Add stock value on the product page to demo position for testing.

Now you can read stock value on products page. Loading can take a few minutes.

Click to upload product info from OGOship to WooCommerce.

Go to product page to check stock value.

"Enable stock management at product level" has to be checked before uploading product info from OGOship for stock value to be correct. If not, go to myOGO and mark all products as modified and then click to upload product info from OGOship to WooCommerce again.

Setting up shipping methods


Once the integration is completed successfully shipping methods at your online store need to be linked to the shipping methods provided at myOGO.

The linking can be done by using the shipping method name or a code that has been set for the shipping method on the edit merchant page. Enable shipping method from the list and copy the code or name to your online store.

Remember to link every shipping method individually to certain shipping methods on myOGO.


The "*" special character can be used as a wild card in the text or code. E.g.

  1. "DHL*" matches to "DHL-1" and "DHL-test"
  2. "D*L" matches to "DtestL" and "DYL"


We offer a large variety of shipping methods.

DHL offers worldwide fast delivery
Omniva is a cheaper and slower option to ship internationally
GLS ships to Europe

Go to WooCommerce settings and select Shipping. Add shipping zones. These can be optimized with country (include or exclude). E.g. Finland, Europe, Non-EU.

Add one or more shipping methods to the shipping zone. These methods are shown to people in the specific zone.

Add cost and OGOship delivery type.

After all of the shipping methods in your online store are linked to OGOship shipping methods, your setup is done. For more information read Shipping Methods.


After you have shipped physical products to OGOship and stock values are correct, then remember to enable scheduled updates.