Shopify - OGOship integration installation

Shopify integration is installed directly from myOGO.


There are 3 different ways of getting started.


If you have existing merchant to link with Shopify

Login to myOGO.

Select existing merchant under Globe icon (if not selected already)


Edit merchant settings under Globe icon => Edit merchant.

Search for Link to Shopify shop under Integrations



Fill in url of your Shopify shop

You will be transferred to your Shopify shop.

Agree installing of OGOship inside your Shopify

Make sure that you return to myOGO after agreeing to install unlisted app.

Shopify is now linked and you can proceed with adding products to myOGO.




Adding products from Shopify to myOGO

Select Product list under Shopify menu


You will see all products from Shopify and myOGO side by side.


Select all products you wish to use at OGOship and click create product.