Stock Update

What is stock update


Before shipping your goods to OGOship warehouse you need to make a stock update at myOGO to inform warehouse staff of incoming goods. This information is not transferred from your online store or any other external system. It needs to be created on myOGO.

Stock updates inform warehouse staff of the quantity of incoming goods and expected arrival time. After arrival, warehouse staff check the amount of received goods compared to the quantity informed from the stock update. 

You can add products to stock updates either by using the xlsx import feature or doing it manually.


Stock Update by xlsx import


Download "ProductList" from Stock Update page at myOGO to your computer.

This file has been prefilled and it can be modified. Change the incoming quantity.

Note! You can also import new product data to myOGO using xlsx import.

After you are done, import it back to the system using "import products from excel".

Soon your product list should be visible as you scroll down the page.

Remember to fill in all mandatory fields marked by (*). 

Many deliveries arrive at the warehouse daily. It's important to use the delivery reference given by the supplier so warehouse staff can identify the right delivery.


Adding products manually


Go to myOGO Stock Updates page and click "add new".

After filling out the needed information, add incoming products.

Fill in at least the name, code, and quantity of incoming products. For more information boxes, click the settings button on the right.

Sending Stock Update to the warehouse


Stock updates are created with the draft state. You can modify your stock update and come back to continue later. After the stock update is completed change the status from 'draft' to 'new' and save. Now the warehouse will know to expect your incoming shipment.

Note! After changing status to NEW it can't be modified anymore.


When the incoming goods have arrived at the warehouse, the status changes to RECEIVED. After the warehouse staff has checked, counted the goods, and placed them on shelves, the status will change to INSTOCK.

If the stock update notification and the incoming goods don't match, the warehouse will leave comments about the difference. You can order Email notifications to receive comments to your email.

Read here about unidentified products.