Get started right away with 3PL!

Easy set-up for free

Starting with OGOship third pary logistics (3PL) has been made super easy and inexpensive. You can do the set-up yourself or we can help you with it. These are the basic steps:

  1. myOGO: This is our Warehouse Management system. Create your account and set up your merchant profile.
  2. Your store: Install the OGOship integration, available for many platforms.
  3. Your goods: Ship your goods to us! You can also ask us to pick up your goods and we will arrange for transportation for you.



 Good to go! Start shipping like a PRO!

The co-operation with OGOship has been awesome. You rarely encounter as good customer service as yours, besides the service works as easily and smoothly as promised, thank you very much! :)

- Georgiana Grudinschi, Falcon Wing Marketing