Flexible warehousing for ecommerce

Warehousing for your needs 

Outsourcing logistics to OGOship ensures you flexibility in operations. You only pay for the space that you use. You don't need to maintain your own warehouse and shipping infrastructure. When your business grows or experiences seasonal variations, OGOship's warehouse adapts to your needs. You only pay for the space and the services that you currently use. 


Reliable warehousing

We maintain our warehousing operations by the highest possible standards. We do our best to keep your goods safe and in order. Our staff is trained to handle your goods with care and if anything unexpected happens and we make a mistake, we will always cover your costs and fix the situation as soon as possible.

At any time, you can see your real-time stock levels from our warehouse management software myOGO. This is the place where you can check your shipments, goods, services and order reports.


Multiple warehouses to select from

OGOship is growing its network of warehouses and aims to have warehouses in all key logistics locations in Europe. Our current locations are in Estonia and in Finland. You are free to choose the best location for your stock and we will also help you choose the best one for your business.

You can read more about the different services that we offer at our locations section.




OGOship offers easy and flexible 3PL for your needs!
Flexible Warehousing