RePack Reusable Packaging

RePack is an award-winning, globally unique reusable and returnable packaging service for online retailers and shoppers whereby delivery packages can be conveniently and easily returned, and then reused.

RePack simply replaces single-use delivery packaging. An empty RePack is folded into letter size and dropped to any post box, anywhere in the world, free of charge.

RePack connects online shopping to a global megatrend of reducing packaging waste. It is easy to use and love.


The RePack cycle



Use RePack via OGOship

OGOship offers you the opportunity to add RePack packaging to your shipments very easily. It is possible to use RePack for all outgoing shipments or just the ones you would like. You may also offer this choice for your customers and let them choose. 



All OGOship warehouses: EUR 3.90 / RePack


To activate RePack

  1. Open your Merchant settings page
  2. Enable the RePack PRO-service
  3. Add RePack to the shipping methods you like.

You can read more about modifying your shipping methods from this guide.


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