Flexible Warehousing for Online Stores

At an OGOship warehouse, there are a few different types of storage shelves. There are e.g. small item shelves and EUR-pallet shelves. Please find below the most used shelf types:


Type Size Price per day (example)
Small item shelf

Width 50 cm

Height 25 cm

Depth 25 cm

EUR 0.04 / day (TLL warehouse)

EUR-pallet location

Width 80 cm

Height 170 cm

Depth 120 cm

EUR 0.29 / day (TLL warehouse)

EUR-pallet sized shelf

Width 80 cm

Height 55 cm

Depth 120 cm

EUR 0.15 / day (TLL warehouse)


Flexible warehousing

What’s really great at OGOship is that you do not have to “rent shelves” on a monthly basis. Only when you have items on a shelf, is there a cost for that current day. We calculate all occupied shelves daily and invoice you exactly by the number of shelves in use.

And yes, we always try to minimize your shelf usage. We can store many SKUs on the same shelf and try to shelve everything so that it takes the minimum amount of space.


Example price

Let's say your business needs 50 small items shelves and 2 EUR pallet locations for one month (30 days) and you have selected the Tallinn warehouse. The total cost for one day is:

  1. 50 x EUR 0.04 = EUR 2 / day
  2. 2 x EUR 0.29 = EUR 0.58 / day

Total storage cost per day: EUR 2.58 / day

Total storage cost per month: EUR 77.30 / mth


Incoming goods

When you order more products to the warehouse, we will sign in the incoming shipment, verify the incoming quantities and shelve the items. Afterwards you will see the updated stock levels in our warehouse management system myOGO.

Pricing for incoming goods works with hourly rates. The hourly rate is: EUR 26.50 / hour

It will take us approximately 2 minutes per SKU to receive your goods.



All the warehousing you need with flexibility and transparency!