Pricing of shipments

At OGOship we only charge exactly for the actual services that you use. You are able to track all costs incurring from your shipments, nothing extra. Simple, precise, easy.


Price of one shipment

Pick & pack pricing varies by parcel size: S / M / L. The Freight varies by shipping method, weight and by destination country. Just choose the delivery methods you wish to use. We always use the minimum amount of packaging materials.


Flexible pricing

Our pricing is flexible and we dynamically lower your pick & pack pricing if you ship over 100 shipments per month or your products are small and/or easy to pack. When your monthly shipment volumes grow, our pricing will be adapted to your growth. Ask for a quote and we will reply to you within 24 hours!

Note on freight: we have selected the best possible shipping companies for online retail fulfillment to destinations all over the world. You can start shipping globally even with one shipment per month!


Cost calculators

Although the shipment price consists of different components, worry not: we have created shipment price and total service cost calculators. With these calculators you are able to predict all upcoming costs. You can also verify individual shipment pricing before you decide to ship!

To the shipment price calculator.


Pick & pack / order fulfillment contains

  • Picking the product(s) from the shelf
  • Packing the product(s) neatly and with care
  • Printing all required documents that go inside the shipment
  • Printing all shipping labels and closing the parcel
  • Hand-over of the shipment to the freight company.




Simple, Precise, Easy.
That's OGOship's Pricing.