3PL Pricing Examples

Example shipment

Let’s say we have a small parcel 15 cm x 15 cm x 10 cm (200 g) to ship to France and we need to get it there within a few days as a tracked postal letter. The goods are stocked at OGOship's Tallinn (TLL) warehouse in Estonia.

Our pricing is flexible and we dynamically lower your pick & pack pricing if you ship over 100 shipments per month or your products are small and/or easy to pack. When your monthly shipment volumes grow, our pricing will be adapted to your growth. Ask for a quote and we will reply to you within 24 hours!



The size of our parcel is Small. Pick & pack pricing is therefore EUR 3.10 from the TLL warehouse with starting volumes.

A tracked international letter 250 g will cost
EUR 4.99

A bubble wrap
envelope costs
EUR 0.33

The total cost of this international shipment is EUR 7.90


We offer all our clients free to use shipping calculators to precisely estimate the costs of a shipment to a target country. And we will help you to get started! Ask us for quotes with your shipping and with your volumes! Our pick & pack pricing has flexible pricing according to your shipping volumes. But you can start with OGOship even with only one shipment per month!

Download our full price list from our warehouse management software my.ogoship.com. Our pricing varies by the warehouse you send from and by the volume of your shipping.

Example case 1: Online Store selling clothing

Shipments: 50 per month. Tallinn warehouse, no volume discounts.
Price of one shipment:

  1. Pick&pack beginning from EUR 3.10
  2. Freight
  3. Materials
Event Amount Cost / mth
SKUs at the warehouse 200 pcs
Storage shelves 20 m of shelf space (40 shelves) EUR 48 (EUR 0.04 / shelf / day)
Shipments 50 pcs EUR 155 (EUR 3.10 / shipment)
Returns 1 pcs EUR 3.10 (EUR 3.10 / return)
Shipment to the warehouse Unloading and shelving: 1 h EUR 26.50 (EUR 26.50 / hour)
Freight 50 domestic letters EUR 100 (EUR 2.00 / letter)
Materials 50 bubble wrap envelopes EUR 16.50 (EUR 0.33 / envelope)
Total   EUR 349.10



Example case 2: Online Store selling household items 

Shipments: 500 per month. Tallinn warehouse, 30 % volume discount.
Price of one shipment:

  1. Pick&pack EUR 2.17 (discount 30 %)
  2. Freight
  3. Materials
Event Amount Cost / mth
SKUs at the warehouse 2000 pcs
Storage shelves 200 m of shelf space (400 shelves) EUR 480 (EUR 0.04 / shelf / day)
Shipments 500 pcs EUR 1085 (EUR 2.17 / shipment)
Returns 10 pcs EUR 31.00 (EUR 3.10 / return)
Shipment to the warehouse Unloading and shelving: 5 h EUR 132.50 (EUR 26.50 / hour)
Freight 500 domestic parcels EUR 2250 (EUR 4.50 / parcel)
Materials 500 carton boxes EUR 330.00 (EUR 0.66 / carton)
Total   EUR 4308.50





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