Online store logistics with action base pricing

OGOship’s pricing principle is: you only pay for action. That means that there are no start-up fees or fixed fees. You only pay for the services that you use, nothing more. Therefore, you can start with OGOship even with one shipment per month. Our system calculates all prices that incur from your service usage every day and all costs can be estimated by using our cost calculators.


OGOship's Pricing


OGOship will charge you for exactly the services you use. There are no fixed shipping or storage costs because in reality all shipments and services have different costs. We can offer you lower pricing with our variable pricing than with fixed or all-inclusive pricing. Instead of e.g. a fixed “price per shipment”, we will provide you with a very accurate cost calculator and a cost break-down.


How to estimate your costs

1st please look through the "Pricing" section of our website to understand how our pricing works. The pricing examples especially are great for understanding the total costs.

We have detailed price lists in PDF format at myOGO. You can freely access them after creating your free credentials. 

We also have a logistics price calculator for checking exactly how much a shipment would cost to a destination country.

Most importantly, are very happy to provide you with a calculation for your costs with our service cost calculator (screenshot of a shortened example below). Please provide us with an estimation of your basic shipping numbers and we will send you a calculation. After receiving the calculation, you can modify the numbers in the calculation and the estimation changes in real-time.




No start-up fees or monthly fees.
Transparent Pick&Pack pricing for shipments.
Warehousing is charged on daily usage.
Monitoring all expenses is easy and transparent.