Posti workers' strike 11.11.2019

This is the info page regarding the Posti workers' strike scheduled to begin from 11.11.2019. This page will be updated as more information is released.

Q: Who is affected?
A: All OGOship sending shipments to Finland by using letters and postal parcels. Main main effects of the strike are on letter services. Parcel services should not be affected but delays of a few days might occur. The shipment of "Pikkupaketti" is stopped because it runs in the same shipping pipeline as letters do.

Q: When is the strike?
A: The strike has begun 11.11.2019. The strike might last two to four weeks.

Q: What are the effects of the strike?
A: The letter delivery network in Finland will be halted. The delivery of all "Posti" Finnish letter services will be stopped. There might be some effects to the parcel delivery network. The shipment of "Pikkupaketti" is stopped because it runs in the same shipping pipeline as letters do.

Q: What other freight options do I have?
A: All other freight providers work normally. They might be overworked though since volumes will be shifted to these alternative providers. E.g. Schenker, DHL, Matkahuolto etc. will work normally.

Q: What are my alternative options when I use OGOship?
A: There are a number of options available:

  1. You change nothing and continue sending with Posti's services. Your parcels might be delays during the strike. 
  2. You can change your merchant settings at myOGO and switch all Posti parcels to e.g. Schenker. You can copy your shipping method code from all Posti services and insert the same code in the desired alternative method shipping method code field.
  3. You can delete or hide all Posti shipping methods at your online store so that customers will not be able to select them.

Q: What alternative methods does OGOship recommend?
A: If you would like to switch away from Posti's parcels, we recommend switching all Posti pick-up parcels to Schenker's pick-up parcels. We also recommend switching all letters to either Posti's postal parcels or Schenker parcels. 

Q: When should I act?
A:You should act now. If you would like to switch to alternative service providers, you need to change your shipping settings immediately. At the latest, you can make the changes during Thursday 7.11. by 12:00 but you are already at risk that your shipments from Thursday will not reach receivers until the strike begins. We recommend making changes by Wednesday 6.11. by 12:00.

Q: What happens if I do NOT act now?
A: OGOship will start packing next week's shipments on Sunday 10.11.2019. If the shipping method is a Posti parcel or a letter, OGOship will fulfill all parcels and letters with Posti's shipping methods. If shipments are already shipped and labelled as Posti's parcels or letters, they cannot be changed afterwards. Also, if the shipments have a Posti's shipping method selected, the merchant will have to change all shipments to alternative shipment methods manually one-by-one.