Want to grow your e-commerce business? Make sure the systems you choose are not slowing you down

Want to grow your e-commerce business? Make sure the systems you choose are not slowing you down

Choosing the right 3PL partner can accelerate your growth

Once you’ve had some growth in your e-commerce business, there comes a point when doing everything yourself is no longer the most efficient solution. Maybe you need to change your e-commerce platform, outsource your logistics, or think about alternative solutions to your current warehousing setup. 

There are several ways an e-commerce business can handle its logistics, but for many, 3PL, or third-party logistics, is the most efficient and cost-effective solution. When choosing a 3PL partner, you need to consider several things, such as how easily your e-commerce platform and warehouse management system, or WMS, can integrate and how the WMS accelerates your growth rather than hindering it.

The right warehouse management system caters to your industry needs

Traditional WMS systems are built for large retail operations, not e-commerce enterprises. This means most WMS systems were designed for example to count pallets, ensuring an optimal amount of stock is in the warehouse at all times. For e-commerce businesses, the top priority should be that stock moves in the most efficient way possible.

Traditional systems can be difficult to use with outdated user interfaces. In addition to this, many e-commerce managers might be using multiple tools that must be integrated somehow in order to manage their logistics: pin systems, code systems, product information systems, order management systems, marketplace distribution platforms...for many, this is just too much.

To avoid all this frustration we developed an e-commerce-dedicated WMS, myOGO. With myOGO you may not need so many different tools, but if you want them, integration is seamlessly easy.

A WMS built specifically for e-commerce 

When a system is designed with e-commerce operations in mind, moving stock as quickly as possible is a top priority. Speedy stock movement means more sales and faster growth. Furthermore, such a system must be easy to use, because most e-commerce managers are not IT systems professionals. Integrations must be simple, and ease of use is essential. With myOGO, OGOship’s custom WMS, you can check all these boxes. 

Here's a glimpse of features myOGO has to give your e-commerce operation an edge

  1. myOGO WMS is international sales- and shipment-ready;
  2. Different webshops can be linked to one pool of stock (which is ideal if you have different language versions of the same shop for different markets);
  3. You can sell from multiple locations or multiple warehouses, which means your customers will receive their orders faster;
  4. You’ll be able to customize inventory limits and set alarms to remind you when stock is running out, so you can restock in time to prevent backordering;
  5. You’ll be in control of streamlined log sheets updated in realtime, even though your trusted partner will be handling your logistics for your;
  6. Seamlessly efficient integrations that work dynamically in real time, with custom integrations available through an accessible API.

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