Saving time while making profits?

Introduction to social media automation.

There is an old saying: Time is money. And it actually is! The more your business grow the more you will need to address different things, be at places, talk to people, engage with your customers and think in new approaches and innovation to ensure your business keeps on expanding. But a day only has 24 hours! And we have to sleep, eat, and take care of ourselves (else who will take care of our business?) No one.

Social media has expanded to the point where we have billions of active users daily online, thus making it the perfect channel for online selling, recruiting, freelancing and marketing.

Social media has a lot of points to consider; learning about social media channels, algorithms and your target audience behavior in social media channels without forgetting consistency on your brand that will engage your consumers.  You will have to make posts at your audience timezone and keep a good stream of posts going without spamming.

Engaging with your consumers it is as important as the conversations with our suppliers and logistics team, why? Basically because we can have our products and services ready, but with no consumers there are no sales, and with no sales there is no money. No money no business.

And this is when the word automation comes into play, more specifically Social Media Automation. There are designed tools to make your life easier by reducing the amount of time you have to spend on your social media, but without losing the contact with your customers while you focus on more pressing matters or attend other tasks that cannot be automated.

There are numerous options to choose from, the best rated for the 2019 are: Hootsuite, Buzzsumo, Mention, Buffer, Planoly. All these tools have a great kit of options to help you with your social media impact.

For example, with Hootsuite you can assign keywords and create groups related to them, those keywords will automatically filter the messages you get and divide them into different group sections, thus making it easier to find important messages related to your product/clients.

With Buzzsumo you can use keywords to find appealing content to your specific niche. The keyword search on Buzzsumo will find you on the internet popular posts, where they were shared and their reach, thus making it much easier for you (and saving lots of time!) to choose what to share on your social media.

Planoly works perfectly to see a preview of your post on IG, how they would look on your profile, schedule posting date and hour,  write your captions and tag your business partners (if needed) ahead of time.

Social Media automation is one of the best things you could do for your brand once it starts growing, if you are getting too many private messages, well you definitely could use the help of Hootsuite to manage by sections and filter the spam ones from your messages so you or your team can focus on replying to the important ones with ease and saving a lot of precious time. With Planoly you can set a whole month of specific post with specific date, time and captions so you can feel a little more relaxed knowing your Instagram account will keep on posting exactly when you want to do it while you do other things.

As the years go by and technologies keep on reinventing themselves so does the online marketing world and its competitors, to stay on top of the game we definitely need both to keep our business social media updated daily with lots of attention and need to reduce our time on it to keep on expanding and working on all those tasks that cannot be automated by any meaning (interesting, right?).

If you need to free up your time to focus on automating your social media presence OGOship will take care of all your logistics.

Easy, Flexible - Done.