Case Tant och Farbror - Fast Growth & Expansion Required Faster Logistics

Case Tant och Farbror - Fast Growth & Expansion Required Faster Logistics

Tant och Farbror, or Aunts & Uncles as the brand is known in German and English markets, is the Swedish subsidiary of the well-known high-end accessories brand. Their goal is to produce “bags for life:” quality stylish, contemporary yet classic, functional and environmentally friendly bags and wallets at fair prices for both consumers and manufacturers.

Targeting professionals, particularly millennials, who are environmentally conscious and desire quality, versatile accessories that are appropriate in all aspects of their lives, the collection’s definitive characteristic is its consistent quality and value, exemplified by functionality and attention to every smallest detail. Their bags are well-designed and feature well-made clasps and hooks, as well as linings in lightweight, natural materials and fabrics that last a lifetime. The bags and wallets are designed with every situation in mind, to seamlessly transition from casual to work and formal wear. 

All products are manufactured using environmentally friendly processes free from formaldehydes, chromium, and other toxic chemicals commonly used in the tanning process. Leather used in their handbags is typically vegetable tanned, or partially vegetable tanned, and the firm prides itself on always following the guidelines and laws that apply to chrome VI tanning when it is sparingly used.


Couldn’t keep up with order fulfillment

Tant och Farbrors’ reputation preceded it! This meant that the founders and directors were working round the clock without holidays to ensure their orders were fulfilled and their existing customers were happy customers. 

Tant och Farbror knew they couldn’t keep up with their ever-growing sales volume at their current workforce capacity. They’d have to hire a new worker, which is always a risk: order fulfillment jobs often have high rates of turnover, so all the time and resources devoted to a new hire might go to waste, and quickly, causing the entire process to be restarted all over again… over and over, countless times. 

Sales were doing so well that the risks associated with a new hire were simply too great at this critical stage in their growth.

The risk of hiring a new worker

Tant och Farbror knew their products were wonderful because they were selling out faster than they could keep up with order fulfillment. Their leadership couldn’t even take a weekend off without falling drastically behind, as they had only a small team outside of manufacturing. They knew they’d need to hire a trustworthy worker, and quickly!  

But labor costs in Sweden are sky-high, and OGOship offered a full-service solution that did not require anyone from Tant och Farbror to go through the onerous process of hiring a new worker: advertising a new position, going through the process of sorting qualified applicants, interviewing them, negotiating salary, and then training someone who may well quit at the end of the trial period.

Best of all, OGOship was able to offer a solution Tant och Farbror/Aunts & Uncles could trust... at a lower cost than hiring one new worker, let alone all the workers Tant och Farbror would have needed to handle their fulfillment after they were so successful in Europe that they were able to expand to the North American markets with all the extra time and energy they saved outsourcing their logistics to OGOship.

Solution - a complete integrated 3PL service

OGOship was able to offer Tant och Farbror/Aunts & Uncles a complete integrated 3PL service to ship goods anywhere worldwide, quickly, reliably, easily, and cost effectively. 

This is done by stocking products at the appropriate warehouse that best suits the partner firm’s needs, seamlessly integrating any e-commerce platform so when a purchase order is received, OGOship can pick and pack the product and then send it in an efficient and neatly packed parcel so the happy customer can receive their products anywhere, reliably. Easy, fast, done!


Tant och Farbror chose OGOship because of the wonderful customer service provided by OGOship’s friendly and helpful dedicated Swedish-language personnel. They had made a few calls to other 3PL outsourcing firms and were dismayed to be met with poor customer service, slow responses to communication, and frustrated non-answers. They were impressed when OGOship was able to easily and quickly set up a new integration with Tant och Farbror’s e-commerce platform, which didn't exist before. It became clear that OGOship was the answer they’d been searching for.


With all the time and resources Tant och Farbror/Aunts & Uncles were able to save from partnering with OGOship for 3PL, they were able to develop the business and find new business opportunities. Tant och Farbror has successfully expanded to new markets. The company continues to grow, and their products fly off the shelves faster each quarter. With the fast pace of growth, it's crucial to have a partner they can trust and who will be there at every stage to handle the growing order fulfillment needs.