Case Artiks - International growth with OGOship

Small can be Big

Small things and details matter. Artiks was founded in June 2018 to delight all households with quality wall art works. The founders’, Henrik’s and Patrik’s, passion for art and interior was the driving force to open an online store offers customers a wide selection of unique and stylish wall art - at the best possible prices and flexibility to anywhere in the world.

Make it simple but significant

Artiks’ business is based on custom-made print-on-demand posters, from a wide selection that guarantees the right picture and size for every taste. This ambitious business idea was meant to be scaled to the Nordic countries fast and cost-effectively. Artiks needed a partner to support business roll-out and growth. The partner should have capabilities for global shipping, a flexible technology solution that works with print-on-demand production as well as the flexibility to help set up production.

Artiks chose OGOship to be their growth partner. OGOship supports Artiks’ scaling to international markets.

Think outside the box

The ambitious goal of Artiks is to offer individual art cost-effectively to every household. Outsourcing operations to OGOship was a way to start operations with minimum risk. Resourcing on-demand-printing was risk-free with OGOship. OGOship also made shipping worldwide cost-effective and automatic. All orders are handled with myOGO, OGOship’s warehouse management system, that allows automated online store order fulfillment all over the globe fast and reliably and with the best possible pricing.

In less than four months, Artiks has established its position on the walls of Nordic households. Several hundreds of individual print-on-demand artworks have already been delivered to five different countries and the pace is steadily increasing. OGOship enables Artiks to test new markets cost-effectively and ensures that the operations are scalable with demand, enabling Artiks to grow their business exponentially.

Ship like a PRO

"With the help of OGOship, we have managed to expand our production and sales to the whole of the Nordic region in less than three months. Artiks puts high demands on the quality of posters, as well as delivery times, despite an average MoM growth of 40%, we have been able to achieve fast delivery times and high quality 15% cheaper than if we handled the logistics ourselves. Together, we will expand this year to a number of other European markets."
-Patrik and Henrik at Artiks

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