Story of Mukama

Mukama enables high-quality experience with everyday accessories

Mukama Oy was founded in early 2013. The online store was opened later that year as a result of diligent coding, designing, late nights and countless cups of coffee. Mukama's products will change your perception of daily used accessories. Mukama sells well-designed and carefully made high-quality accessories. Products that fill and handle their intended purposes, and do so time and time again for many years to come, probably even getting better as time passes by.

Mukama outsourced warehousing and logistics to OGOship. Founders, Karlo Koskitanner and Mikko Ikonen, were able to focus on the essential aspects of the online store, content production, marketing, customer service and after-sales service.

A truly international and growing online store from the beginning

Mukama started with international markets from the start. Currently only one third of all shipments are delivered to Finland. During the past 12 months, deliveries have been made to 93 different countries.

Growth has been faster than the average ecommerce market. In five years, Mukama has established a position in the international online store market, providing its customers with quality products for everyday situations. The volume of orders grew 80% in 2017 compared to the previous year.

Supply chain quality and resource management enabling growth

OGOship handles all of the logistics of Mukama online store. The products arrive directly to OGOship warehouse from carefully selected manufacturers and importers. Incoming stock is quality assured by OGOship before products are stored and sold. OGOship enables order handling with quality all year round without seasonal resource issues. Mukama customers receive their orders all over the world, quickly and carefully packed, as promised.

Outsourcing warehousing and logistics from the beginning ensured that Mukama was able to start international shipments with competitive logistics contracts, quick and efficient order handling, and the ability to focus on creating growth and international sales without worrying about handling orders or storing products.

In brief:

  • Order volume growth 80%
  • Order to 93 different countries.
  • Customer satisfaction 4.7 / 5.

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