TOP5 tips to engage your customers with shipment success

Shipment success affects re-buys

There are numerous factors that can determine an online store's success, such as the quality and variety of products, correct pricing, website presentation, effective shipping, and everything that is involved in the shopping experience for the customer.

Over the years, the shipping experience has gained more importance and influence over the buyer’s behavior, considering it is the last phase of online shopping, and very likely something the customers will remember and take into consideration when they make their next purchase, or if the shipping conditions are unsatisfactory they may not even make the purchase. This has become one of the main drivers behind shopping cart abandonment in ecommerce. According to a survey conducted by the Federation of ecommerce and distance selling (FEVAD)1, 55% of shopping cart abandonment is due to disappointing shipping prices and options.

Shipment quality affects buying decisions

The quality and variety of the products offered in an ecommerce is very important, but that is not enough to convince people to buy from your online store. A survey carried by the online community of customer-focused professionals “My Customer”2 , showed that 60% of the 3000 people who participated, bought products in one online store in preference to another because the shipping services offered seemed more appealing and convenient. Clearly, the quality of the shipping service can have a huge positive impact, allowing to have a greater number of sales and satisfied customers.

Providing a positive delivery experience for the customer can later translate into a loyal customer that keeps coming back to the online store for more. In this way the retailer can build a loyal customer base that will continue to make purchases over the time and increase the customer lifetime value.

It is important to offer as many options as the customer needs, given that there are different types of buyers who expect conditions that match their lifestyle and needs. Standard, express, or even next day delivery shipping could be offered to satisfy different types of buyers, varying the prices and speed of the delivery. Also, some customers may prefer door to door shipping and others could consider a pick up option is necessary.

This type of flexibility is very appealing for online shoppers, and if they are happy and satisfied with the product and shipping service, there is a higher possibility they will buy again in the future.

In a research performed by the website “MultiChannel Merchant”3 73% of the participants stated that a positive experience during shipment would be a decisive factor and would encourage them to shop with the same retailer again, while 50% of them would not buy again if it is negative.

What online merchants should consider

There are many factors to take under consideration to provide an excellent shipping experience, such as speed, aesthetics, package tracking, offering different options and prices, returns policy, and meeting the offered conditions. All of them play an important role in the delivery process, and if implemented correctly, it will improve significantly the buyer's trust on the web shop, and will be more likely to repurchase.

Top 5 tips to engage your customers

  1. Choose a trustworthy shipper with experience and good reputation.
  2. Transparent shipping prices and conditions.
  3. Provide tracking information and confirmation emails.
  4. Make sure to meet the offered conditions.
  5. Offer different shipping options.


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