Focus on your business – leave the logistics to OGOship!

Focus on your business – leave the logistics to OGOship!

OGOship helps you to grow your business so that you don’t need to worry about storage, order handling or shipments.

In online store logistics there are many things to consider such as storage space, warehouse personnel, freight contracts, order peaks and packaging materials just to mention few. OGOship helps its customers with the best and most cost-effective shipping solutions. We support our customers' growth with additional PRO-services such as product photography and ecological packaging, etc. We also automate the order handling process with our warehouse management system, myOGO.

"With the help of OGOship, we have managed to expand our production and sales to the whole of the Nordic region in less than three months. Artiks puts high demands on the quality of posters, as well as delivery times, despite an average MoM growth of 40%, we have been able to achieve fast delivery times and high quality 15% cheaper than if we handled the logistics ourselves. Together, we will expand this year to a number of other European markets."

-Patrik and Henry at Artiks

 Focus on your core business

OGOship at your service. With us you can achieve:

  • Satisfied customers - More reliable shipping methods with minimal commitment from you.
  • Scalability - Grow with us and always be ready for seasonal growth.
  • Free up your time - R&D, sales, marketing; just choose where to focus.
  • Less management work - Drop HR for your own stock.
  • Save time - that's money - and money - Our logistics agreements are usually 50% cheaper than your own agreements.
  • Optimize your logistics - We know our couriers and grow with them.
3PL helps you grow smartly

OGOship helps you grow smartly. When your company increases its sales, you also need to meet the growth with staff, larger warehouses, more products, etc. OGOship can help you to avoid these costs. You will only pay for actions made. With the time saved in outsourcing your logistics, you can add more products to sell, spend time promoting them more to customers, and thus increase your sales even more. Do not think about staff turnover or extra staff at "peaks" in sales like Black Friday and Christmas sales. If you have season-based sales, it's most logical to use third-party logistics.

OGOship helps you get started quickly with a safe growth service. We only charge for the storage space you use per day and for the orders we handle. Grow larger smartly. Pay only for ACTION: flexible low cost, instead of high fixed cost.

What's even more interesting is that we at OGOship can help you expand to new markets, simplifying your establishment in new countries. Our platform is OUR OWN and we make easy changes without high cost. We can easily install our system with new partners and build networks within 3PL, and that is our vision. We already exist in Estonia, Finland and Sweden and we will be expanding into more countries soon!

This is how it works:

OGOship collects most of the information needed for order fulfilment directly from the online store. It's fast and easy to use, and integration is available for the most common e-commerce platforms. You can easily manage the integration between myOGO warehouse management and your own e-commerce platform.

Deliveries can be made from a central warehouse, or decentralized. The distribution of stocks to different storage units takes place via myOGO warehouse management, which manages all warehouses in the OGOship network. Products can be placed in different warehouses, and then delivered from the location most suitable for each order or you can only use one warehouse for your shipments. It's up to you and your needs.

Our warehouses in Gothenburg, Tallinn and Vantaa are ready. Just choose the warehouse that suits your needs best, or use multiple warehouses to reach out to your customers around the world.

Simple, fast and cost-effective integration

We have integrations with most common online store platforms, so you can easily manage the startup totally self-service. As a result, there are no integration costs. If you need help, we will assist you to get started quickly and smoothly.

Want to hear more about OGOship's services? Leave your contact information below and we'll be in touch!

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