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Ecommerce market grows year by year. A cross border online store offers unseen opportunities, as well as challenges. OGOship has collected a five steps internationalisation plan to assist you to grow your business!

Did you know that 60% of the consumers are more likely to pay more money for products and services, if the online store was actively contributing to make a positive social and environmental impact? Do you know what are the best ecofriendly options for your online store?                            

The global e-commerce market grows each year. Consumers’ trust in online sales increases and orders are submitted more and more internationally. Succeeding in international competition requires a smart online store, marketing focused on the target group, efficient logistics chains as well as a selection of delivery methods out of which everyone can find a suitable delivery method. 

The two dimensions of e-commerce sales – the decision to order and the decision to keep the order.

In terms of the growth of an online store, we have discussed in previous texts the increase of online store visitor counts, converting visitors in to customers, as well as increasing additional sales for each order. Next, we shall discuss the essential dimension of an online store: how to confirm a customer's decision to keep an order?