OGOship pricing is action based. Costs consist of the following elements:

  1. Receiving of goods / incoming stock
  2. Storage space
  3. Order fulfillment

Receiving of goods

Reception of the goods is done hourly based. Online retailer can affect on time usage of handling stock update. Merchant can ensure that incoming stock is delivered to warehouse with reference number that links the incoming shipment to stock update made in Properly done stock update (so called buy-in notification) consists of list of the items of incoming delivery and the incoming quantities per item. If this is done correctly is the handling very fast.

Storage space

Storage space is generally fairly small cost. OGOship has different sizes storage spaces: small shelves, pallets and half-pallets. The rent is daily basis. This means that if the shelf drains out, the rent of the space stops. In addition, we can store several items in one shelf space depending on the product, amount of the title and the labeling of product title.

Order fulfillment

Majority of costs are commonly caused by the order fulfillment and shipments, ie the shipping cost that arise when the transaction of order takes place. Order fulfillment contains following costs:

  1. Order Pick & Pack. For example €3.10 (small parcel, one product title)
  2. Actual freigh cost, such as Postnord, DHL, GLS etc. For example €2-10
  3. Packaging material as used in shipment. All materials are mentioned in our price list. For example €0.33
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