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OGOship can arrange pick-up from suppliers on behalf of the merchant.We have excellent freight contracts for picking up from anywhere in the world. From Finland, pickup is done for example by: Posti, GLS and HRX Finland. Globally, pickup is done for example by GLS (Europe only packages) and DHL (only packages). We are also in a position to make contacts for picking up trucks from Europe and in the case of larger freight rates, including shipping on the long haul.

First we recommend you to se our pricing for pickups. OGOship does not give offers from freight, rather than we arrange the pick up by the freight providers price list. The final freight cost is always defined after the goods are picked up and weight by the freight company.

Our Pickup pricing informs you which pickup methods you can order yourself and what you need for the OGOship pickup. An arrange fee of EUR 20 per pickup will be charged if OGOship arranges the pickup.

Pickup can be ordered from OGOship customer service at service@ogoship.com. Remember to attach the necessary information in the pickup order.

Needed information

Pickup inside EU or shipment from Finland

  • Pick-up address + specific pick-up instructions
  • Contact person name at pick-up address
  • Contact person phone at pick-up address
  • Contact person email at pick-up address
  • Number of parcels / amount of pallets
  • Weight per parcel / weight per pallet
  • Exact dimensions per parcel / per pallet (e.g. 30x20x20 cm)
  • Total weight of shipment


Pick up Outside of EU
In addition to information above, outside of EU pick ups are also needed with following information:

  • Total value / purchase price of shipment
  • Trade invoice as PDF where total price is shown
  • General contents of the shipment with two words e.g. “children’s shoes”.



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