OGOship is searching for a Chief Operating Officer

Recruitment for this position in started and ongoing.


OGOship is searching for a Chief Operating Officer to join the team. This is a key general management and strategic position in the company and you will work closely with the CEO to develop this fast growing company towards global growth targets. You will be responsible for developing, managing and scaling the operative functions of the company. You are a true professional, ambititious and highly motivated.

Must haves

  • You take initiative and work independently.
  • You overcome and fix obstacles as there are bound to be many along the way
  • You are a master of many trades as this general management position requires a broad skill-set.
  • You communicate fluently in Finnish and English.
  • You know remote working and the tools related: remote meetings, company chats, screen sharing etc. The team is geographically dispersed.
  • You have leadership experience and proven results.
  • You have a degree in economics, business administration, engineering or other suitable area.
  • Most importantly: you really, really want to succeed and make the company grow!

Nice to haves

  • Entrepreneurial / experience in working in a small organization.
  • You have experience with online retailing in the position of online retailer, platform provider or service provider.
  • You have experience in warehousing operations (intra warehouse operations), warehousing software or intra-warehouse operations optimization.
  • You have experience in the logistics industry.


  • You will manage, develop and grow the operative warehousing and logistics functions of the company. The operations are currently in Finland and in Estonia. More countries might be added in the future. The warehouse units report directly to you.
  • You take part in the strategic negotiations and decisions concerning the company.
  • You will manage multiple smaller functions within the company so that everything works.
  • You negotiate and handle contacts with the company’s operative partners e.g. subcontractors.
  • You will establish new warehouse units and manage premise leases, hardware etc. when the operations grow.
  • You will create a structure for managing the operative functions so that they run smoothly when the business grows, including a monitoring and motivational system.


  • Permanent position.
  • Good salary + possibility for ownership.


  • The team is located in two cities in Finland and in Estonia. However, travelling will be kept at a minimum as remote working is preferred.
  • The candidate must be able to work 100 % time within the Helsinki metropolitan area.
  • Office in Helsinki / Vantaa, although much work will also be done remotely.

About the culture

The company is a small tech company and you will be working within an informal but motivated team of professionals. The company works very much with online tools and tries to minimize wasteful daily commuting times. Work can be done from many locations and you have much leverage in choosing the location you like to work from.


Timo Toivonen, CEO, timo@ogoship.com, +358 40 1371700


Please send your cover letter and resume to timo@ogoship.com or apply via LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/cap/view/589292174/



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