Creating a New Merchant

In “Merchant” means one online store or other warehousing / invoicing unit. You can create multiple accounts(=Merchants) with the same username if you want to maintain multiple online stores or multiple inventory views.

New merchant is created at Merchant -page by “Add new”

Needed information

When you create a new merchant, please fill all mandatory fields, such as name of the online store, company id, address, contact information etc.
At the merchant page you need to fill up the company information and the sender information. You can ship orders with different name than you company name.

Remember to save!

API Credentials

If you are installing integration to your online store, you need API credentials. These are at the Merchant setting page: merchant ID and secret token.
Your merchant page will automatically generate you with unique ID and secret token in order to open integration between and your onlinestore.

Remember to save!

Shipping methods

You can activate as many delivery methods as you like. Shipping methods are enabled in merchant setting page. When you activate shipping methods, they will be available for both online store integration and manually when editing or adding orders.
Remember to link the shipping methods to your online store delivery methods.


Now all the information you need is set. Your store still lacks product information that can be imported to either through online store integration or manually by adding products. Product information can also be imported into the system with the excel-import function in stock update. For more information on these functions, see separate instructions.


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