What does OGOship offer me?

OGOship is suitable for small retailers


OGOship is an easy solution for beginning e-retailers. Since we do not charge any set-up fees or monthly fees, you can use OGOship even for small-scale shipping volumes. Let us pick up your initial stock and get started by employing one of our existing integrations to an online store platform. Alternatively, you can connect to our web-interface if no integration is needed. You may use OGOship’s negotiated logistics contracts and prices right from the start and get the benefits of a larger retailer. OGOship adapts to your growing needs, by offering a variety of value adding services. To put it simply – just pick and choose the services that let you focus on growing your business!

OGOship is suitable also for larger retailers


OGOship is the best partner for those focusing on growth. We offer not only easy-to-start logistics services, but also a variety of value adding services. Just pick and choose what your business needs right now. Additionally, larger shipping volumes and warehouses usually mean substantial fixed costs. By using OGOship you turn your fixed costs into variable ones. Also, with sizeable volumes you get to benefit from OGOship’s cost-effective mass sending services to anywhere on the globe.

OGOship is great for global shipments


OGOship handles large volumes anywhere on the globe cost-effectively. We have automated sending routines within the EU and to destinations outside the EU. Furthermore, we manage shipments to addresses in Russia.

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