International shipping

Outstanding international shipping

OGOship will send your shipments globally: fast, cost-effectively and easily. We maintain an exceptional variety of logistics contracts for sending parcels and letters and always seek for best prices and methods for our customers.

Common problems with international shipping are e.g.:

  • Shipping price
  • Shipping time
  • Adding all necessary documentation for customs
  • Freight contract choices and contract maintenance.

OGOship has chosen the best possible global shipping methods especially for online retail. All shipping methods are usable for all our customers. You can start today, no own freight contracts are needed.


Examples of shipping prices

Shipping method Destination / weight Price
International letter < 20 mm sweden / 200 g EUR 1.66
International letter > 20 mm France / 200 g EUR 3.62
Next day door-to-door Germany / 500 g EUR 6.90
Next day door-to-door USA New York / 500 g EUR 10.50
Next day door-to-door France/ 1 kg EUR 8.90
Four days door-to-door Italy / 5 kg EUR 12
Pick-up parcel The Netherlands / 15 kg EUR 12.00

As a customer of OGOship you can ship your goods more cost-effectively and faster, also door-to-door.

The above mentioned prices and logistics prices into which the pick&pack costs of Nettivarasto are added. Please see examples from the Pricing page.

We are also able to deliver shipments to private citizens in Russia fast and reliably.

Customs documentation

If you send shipments to outside the EU, you need to add documentation and added information to the shipments. What documentation and information is needed depends on the shipping method, contents and value.

As a customer of OGOship, you do not need to worry about adding the correct documentation, we produce the needed documentation for you. OGO always adds the needed information and documents to shipments according to what is needed.

Would you like to know more?

Please feel free to ask us, we’re happy to help!

We try to reply to all queries within 24 h.

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