Insurance for the stored goods

You need a insurance for the goods to be stored. You are able to control the value of your insurance yourself. You can freely insure the goods at any value.

If you already have a valid insurance policy for your goods, it is easiest to inform the insurance company of the new storage address. The insurance company may ask for more information about the storage facility.

Value of the Goods

You can add the purchase prices for your goods in and and get reports on the value of your entire store. In this way, you can evaluate the value of the insurance required.

Warehouse Facilities

OGOship warehouse is located in modern logistics center. Important information for the insurance company:

  • Building material: concrete and steel
  • Security: 24/7 gate guard, from which the only driveway to the warehouse area
  • Alarms: motion detectors inside the warehouse that alert the security guard to the warehouse
  • Camera surveillance: camera surveillance throughout the logistics center’s outdoor area to monitor incoming and outgoing traffic


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