Import to Tallinn Warehouse

Import within the EU

Within the EU, goods can move freely. Once a product has been declared in the EU, it can move freely from one country to another, unless the item is export controlled product.

You can always ship incoming goods from the EU directly to the warehouse.


Import outside the EU

When goods are imported from outside the EU to Estonia, customs and VAT will be payable to Estonia when imported. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Your company needs EORI-number. This can be obtained from you countries customs authorities upon reques. The EORI number is the European Common Customs Tariff number issued to companies trading within the EU.
  • You pay 20% VAT (Estonian VAT) on import, which you can withdraw from Estonia if you are not otherwise registered as VAT payer in Estonia.

The goods declared in Estonia is inexpensive. VAT is only 20% and customs clearance service is inexpensive. Ask your transport company to handle the customs clearance for you.

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