How to get started

Getting started with OGOship is easy and fast with most online stores. It’s easy to get started and the software guides you through it. Our team is also happy to help you set up the shop!

So, How to get started with OGOship

  1. Create an account to
  2. Install integration to your online store and trAnsfer product titles to my.OGOship. If you decide to use our services without integration create product titles in our warehouse management system.
  3. Test the integration
  4. Ship your stock to MyOGOship warehouse
  5. Create first Stock update to, list the product titles and amounts of incoming stock
  6. Before the first shipment confirm customer agreement.

OGOship Warehouse Management System (WMS)

First we recommend you to create an account to OGOship Warehouse Management System:
Our WMS is the core of our service. You can easily see the current status of stock and orders. You need to make first setup in before using our services. Creating an account to our WMS is free.

Create an account and give a name for the merchant (your store name). If you wish, you can also try the software by creating demo products and test the features before the actual integration.

Install the integration

Our services can be used either without integration or with integration to your online store. Once your online store is integrated with MyOGOship, your daily activity is automated, so your order and product information will automatically transfer between warehouse management system and online store. You can also use our service manually directly to MyOGOship.

We have made ready integrations to the most popular online store platforms and our integration is available free of charge. Please read the separate instructions for various integrations and their installation instructions.

Once the integration is installed, test the integration by transferring product titles to myOGOship and with few test orders.
Remember also to enable and link shipping methods.

Deliver Stock to OGOship Warehouse

You can send your stock to our warehouse at any stage of the setting up -process. All incoming goods are received and you can follow the process in the software from there on. However if you have an existing online store, we recommend that the goods be delivered to our warehouse only after the integration has been tested. This avoids possible breaks in delivering shipments. See instructions for delivery of stock.

Service Contract

For the contract we need normal business information that can either be emailed to us or you can add the information to our WMS on your Merchant page. You can move your stock to our warehouse an test the integration before written contract is agreed. The contract must be valid until the first shipment is placed.



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