Checklist for Suppliers

When ordering stock directly to our warehouse, it is advisable to remind your suppliers of a few things:

  • There should be a product code / sku code on the products or mentioned in the delivery list.
  • In the incoming shipment there must be your online store name as the recipient, for example: ” Your Online Store name c/o GoGoSend”. This makes it easier for the warehouse to link the shipment to the correct Merchant.
  • If possible, your supplier should add the reference number from the Stock update in myOGO to the shipment (OGO-reference).
  • All shipments need to be delivered to the door of the warehouse. OGOship does not pick up parcels from pickup points.
  • All pallet sized shipments are recommended to be sent on an EUR-pallet (120 cm x 80 cm). If goods are sent on other sized pallets such as FIN we need to transfer the goods manually to an EUR pallet at an extra cost.


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