5 steps to become international e-retailer

The potential of global e-commerce

The global e-commerce market grows year by year. Cross-border sales offers many opportunities, but also challenges. Internationalization of e-commerce has never been easier, at least in theory. European e-commerce market has growth rate of nearly 14%. Online Retailers using OGOship services have grown over 100% faster than the market in average!

Quick start your cross-border online retail

Starting international trade is easier than one might think. Consumer confidence in cross border shopping is increasing and the demand for international consumers can be tested easily. A third party logistics partner like OGOship makes it easy to test international shipments with low risk and minimum effort.

How to become an international e-retailer champion in five steps?

  1. Strategic clarity
    Identify your real opportunities and strengths internationally.
  2. The right assortment
    Understand local culture and rules. Adapt your store to local needs.
  3. The global Local web shop.
    Let the world shop as they would shop in local online store.
  4. Warehousing and fulfillment.
    Ship like a pro and find the perfect logistic partner and shipping methods that support your goals.
  5. Delivery options.
    Offer choices to your customers. Use them to increase conversion.

OGOship as you Growth partner

Are you a starting online retailer with ambitious plans? Or is your business growing and booming? Or would you like to start international sales today? No matter what the stage or size of your e-commerce, OGOship offers you the logistics solutions and value-added services that bring your business to the next level. OGOship enables growth with systematic determination. If your online store is growing or planning to start international shipments – Choose a logistics partner to support your growth.

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