Top 5 Trends in e-logistics

Top 5 Trends in e-commerce logistics

E-commerce markets are growing year after year. The amount of online stores and delivery companies in increasing.This means that  the logistics of e-commerce keeps growing. Logistics face more and more challenges, as the end customers need shipments quickly and worldwide. What does it mean for your business? What the end customers really need now are alternative delivery options and flexibility.

More and more order fulfillment are sent every month. The increase in online spending and the specific delivery needs of end customers will shape e-commerce logistics. The methods of delivery we are used to now will certainly change in the future. Prepare your online store for the following five trends in e-com logistics.

1. Cross-border sales

The amount of logistics from abroad, so called cross-border purchases, is increasing rapidly. This ensures that more and more logistics are coming from abroad to your country. Does your online store receive and send goods abroad?

2. Customers’ needs first

The end customers are the ones who determine your success. The customer is the one who decides where to buy and how the order should be delivered. This means flexibility in operations. Your customer might want the delivery to a specific location in a specific time. We see many online stores that increasingly offer specific delivery options with faster delivery in smaller time frames. Ultimately, consumers want to be able to determine exactly where and when their order is going to be delivered.

3. Sustainable logistics

The growing e-commerce market is pushing forward sustainable logistics in many different ways. The sustainable trend affects both the logistics and the packaging. Consumers value sustainability and an increasing trend is that the customers might even be willing to pay for the green value. In the future for example, more delivery options need to be offered with sustainable transport, for example by using electric cars and bicycles.
Sustainable packaging should be offered already, less plastic and more reusable materials. This trend will become more important within a few years.

4. Returns and re-usable logistics increase

The circular economy is the economy of the future. More and more raw materials will continue to exist in the supply chain and retain their value as much as possible. More often used products of consumers will find their way back to the producer or recycling company. Right now, the collection of old electronic equipment is regulated by law in many European countries. This means merchants are obliged to inform consumers about the opportunity to hand in their used electronic devices during delivery. This is now only being applied to electronic equipment, but in the future, this might apply for other products.

5. Fulfilling the last mile

As customer needs become more important, customer experience is becoming the number one competitive advantage in online shopping. The fulfilling of an order should be fulfilling the last mile. Increasingly, fulfillment can be seen as a re-marketing channel and the last point in the customer journey that can exceed expectations. Merchants have the ability to meet the needs of the consumer more precisely and are able to differentiate themselves from competitors and organize their logistics in a sustainable manner. A win-win situation.

Why not focus on the essential?
For the online store merchant there are many trends to be followed, many customer expectations to be considered. Order fulfillment and warehousing can be outsourced to a professional that helps you to focus on the essential – the customer. Order fulfillment by OGOship helps you with the last mile in customer experience.

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