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The Norwegian furniture and interior online store StyleHouse.no operates in Finland and Sweden by the name of FutoNota. FutoNota has outsourced its Finnish Online Store logistics to OGOship. OGOship handles the warehousing and shipments to Finland. FutoNota offers products with fast delivery to customers in Finland but also a large variety of products that are delivered from OGOship upon order.

FutoNota is a modern furniture and interior shop with products from the best Danish, Italian and German designers. It offers a wide range of low beds: futon beds, beds in Japanese style, tatami beds, single and double sofa beds, tatami mats, futon mattresses in natural materials, zabuton cushions, screens, exciting armchairs and couches that turn into mattresses. FutoNota/Stylehouse.no operates in Norway, Sweden and Finland.

By outsourcing logistics to a third party, the online store can reduce delivery times to a target country but also make customer returns and exchange easier.

OGOship offers online stores easy and flexible logistics solutions to all cross-border sales or can assist you with the markets you wish to reach. In cross-border sales it does not matter where the warehouse is located. The more relevant issues are the cost effective and global shipping contracts that
OGOship provides for its customers. Shipping internationally is as easy as shipping nationally with OGOship.

If you are interested in starting international shipments OGOship can make your life easier.

StyleHouse.no was established in 2010 with a desire to offer beautiful interior products with an international flair. The idea came during renovation of a small apartment in Oslo. A Japanese shoji wall to separate the bedroom from the living room emerged as an alternative. Then followed the idea to use room dividers as a convenient way to separate area in a decorative manner. The shop is run by trademark StyleHouse.no, which is owned by Ilka AS, In Sweden and Finland under the trademark inStyleHouse.se and FutoNota.fi.

OGOship makes it possible for companies to easily outsource their entire physical goods warehousing and logistics. We specialize in e-commerce logistics. Our service lets online store retailers easily outsource their warehousing and logistics. We provide the entire warehousing and logistics package: warehouse and maintain stock, send goods globally with the best possible freight forwarders and provide a variety of added value services usually available only for larger retailers.

The key values we use in our product design are “ease of use”, “simplicity” and “full automation”. Outsourcing your warehousing and logistics is as easy as clicking a few buttons and you’re go.


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