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The potential of global e-commerce

E-commerce grows year by year. Cross border sales are increasing also yearly. Cross-border e-commerce offers many opportunities, but also challenges. Internationalization of e-commerce has never been easier, at least in theory.

European e-commerce turnover increased by 15% to €530 billion in 2016. Year 2017, the European B2C ecommerce turnover was forecasted to reach around €602 billion, at a growth rate of nearly 14%. At the same period Online Retailers with OGOship have grown over 100% faster than the average market.

”With OGOship you can grow twice as fast as the average e-commerce market!”

It is a fast-growing market both internationally and nationally. Internet is a shopping channel in all countries and the borders do not limit purchasing. According to Consumer Conditions Scoreboard 2017, there was increase in consumer confidence for cross-border purchasing in 2016. For the first time, more than a half of the consumers (57.8) were confident in shopping for goods and services from vendors based in another EU country. There has been a dramatic rise from 21.1% 2014, while domestic online shopping sees 72.4% of confidence rate, up 12.4 % compared to 2014.
OGOship customers have been growing more than twice the average market in national deliveries. However, for international deliveries, our customers’ business has grown up to 300% faster than the average market.

OGOship as your Growth Partner

The possibilities are endless. That doesn’t mean, that the growth in the international market would be simple. Growth requires a lot of work, courage, little bit of luck and the best partners with which growth is possible.

Logistics is one of the core processes of a online store. Core process means that the process is of particular importance for the business. Other core processes in Online Store are for example: purchasing, production, sales and marketing. Outsourcing core process is often sensible, especially if the time, expertise, or resources required for growth are limited.

As online store sets high growth objectives, it is often reasonable to analyze the core processes that can be outsourced and select the right partners to generate the growth. Outsourcing logistics management, storage and delivery to OGOship, online store can grow faster than the average market. OGOship offers years of experience, know-how and expertise and enables a smaller online store to operate as big one in the competitive field of logistics. Without volume-based logistics contracts, international markets are difficult to reach cost-effectively. Outsourcing also allows logistic peaks as in campaigns or testing of international markets. Online store merchant does not have to think about resource or operations scaling too fast. The resources of OGOship is available to all our customers with flexibility and cost-effectively.

OGOship enables growth with systematic determination. With our growth customer services, you can have strategic knowhow to improve automation between inventory and online store, understanding about the global shipments and analyze about stock rotation etc. If your online store is growing or planning to start international shipments – Choose a logistics partner to support your growth.

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