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Why a Blog Is Essential To Your Online Store?

Every online store wants to increase traffic to the site. Traffic can be generated many different ways. One effective tool is to engage audience with blogs and bloggers. In many cases content marketing is mainly blog posts. Blogging generates traffic for your site and helps you with SEO. Having more blog posts in your site generates more traffic. In search engines, blogging means more pages for your online store. More pages mean more internal links pointing to your homepage. Internal links are important, but remember external links, that is the links from other sites to your online store. When a blog post gets shared on social media and gets linked to other sites, that is when your SEO ranking improves.
Updating your site regularly is also appreciated by search engines. Keeping a blog helps you with this. Each new post is a sign that your site is active. Google rewards that by ranking your site more highly.

Blog as a marketing content

Blogging gives you the opportunity to write more about the benefits of your products, or tell stories about the products in use. You are able to rank for more key phrases in a blog because it gives you a way to create content around your products. Any product page you link to in your blog post will also benefit if someone links to your post. It isn’t just the fact that someone searching for what you write about will have a better chance of coming to your site. You’ll also give yourself the opportunity to create strong internal links with rich anchor text that link to your product pages.

How about external Bloggers?

Influencer marketing or blogger outreach means that you seek exposure for a product or online store via bloggers. Many bloggers appreciate commercial co-operation with brands and products.

You might want to find out the influencers in your topic who have already established a substantial following. Bloggers can be asked to write about your store in exchange for free access to the products. (Sometimes, money would need to exchange hands as well. It all depends on the relationship the company has with the blogger and what the blogger commands.)

In short blogger outreach is the process of reaching out to bloggers or site owners, i.e. decision makers to a find common point of interest and build relationships. Ask a blogger to write honestly, whether positive or negative. Honesty serves two purposes. First, if all of the bloggers writing about a product give it you glowing reviews it becomes obvious to that the opinions have been bought and are not organic. If the review is slightly negative, it is still effective at generating buzz and interest in your products.

If you have a product or service to promote, you might want to consider finding a Blogger Outreach Service for your campaign. For example Outreach Wizard

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