Outsourcing Logistic Operations

Free your time from logistic operations

Outsourcing storage and shipments are no longer just for companies with large volumes. Actually, benefits of outsourcing are most vital to those who have limited time or investment resources in use.

Online stores can outsource all logistic operations. All inventory, pick&pack, packaging and delivery processes can be handled by a third party. In e-commerce outsourcing usually means that e-commerce platforms automatically transfer all shipment orders to a third-party warehouse management system. After the shipment has been picked, packed and shipped, the warehouse management system automatically transfers the shipment data back to the online store.

Shipments don’t need your attention – your customers do

For online retailers it is more productive to focus on adding value to the customer rather than the logistics chain. Sales and conversion can be increased by improving customer relations, marketing, sales actions or by SEO optimizing the site.
By outsourcing logistics operations, online retailers also ensure that the warehouse facilities are being kept up-to-date with digitalization, freight contracts are being negotiated yearly and delivery peaks are met. In addition, international deliveries and shipments with customs practices are done accordingly.

Free your time to boost sales

We at OGOship are here to assist you! We focus on the success and growth of our customers. Our core services include the development of our warehouse management system and integrations to the most common e-commerce platforms, optimization of shipment costs on the basis of shipment volumes and the ease of our customers’ everyday lives. Our many integrations ensure that our customers have the opportunity to upgrade their business platforms and still function ongoing everyday operations with OGOship.

At OGOship we also provide value-added services (PRO-services) that can be selected on a package-by-package basis. We offer you high quality 3D product photos, luxury packaging, flyers and attachments to shipments, priority shipments, the RePack recycled packaging system and much more.

Is OGOship for me?

Are you a starting online retailer with ambitious plans? Or is your store growing and booming? Or would you like to start international sales today? No matter what the stage or size of your ecommerce, OGOship offers you the logistics solutions and value-added services that bring your business to the PRO-level. By choosing OGOship you may focus on growing your business; we take care of nearly all the rest.


  1. Focus on growth
    Does maintaining your online store inventory use up time from the core business itself? Could you use your time more efficiently? Outsourcing storage and shipments can bring entrepreneurs time to focus on online marketing and sales as well as online store site optimizing, product descriptions, and thereby generating growth.
  2. Logistic services with experience
    For many business owners, the supply chain is not their first area of expertise, which can make optimizing of logistics more challenging. When outsourcing to a third party, you can rely on in-depth industry knowledge as well as a proven success. OGOship has designed the warehouse management system and value-added services to meet the demands of growing online stores.
  3. No fixed costs and ease of scaling
    If you are growing or entering new markets, or even experience seasonal changes, inventory levels and shipment needs naturally vary. It may not be possible to accurately predict the amount of warehouse space or the volume of shipments that your online store needs, but with outsourcing, it is easy to scale operations with minimum risk. With OGOship you only pay for action!

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