Online Store and Cross-Border Sales

How to start Cross-Border Shipments with minimum risk?

Cross-border ecommerce has been growing for several years and shows no signs of slowing down. Online retailers are increasingly offering their products globally and consumer trust in buying international goods is strengthening.
It has been estimated that the global cross-border ecommerce will generate in excess of $1 trillion in sales for retailers by 2021. Cross-border trade comes with its own challenges though, from understanding overseas markets to currency conversion and international shipments.

The most common obstacles are:

  • Shipping costs for small volumes are expensive
  • Delivery times are too slow
  • Customs issues outside the EU require knowledge
  • Cost-effective freight contracts to all locations globally require large shipment volumes.

  • How to start?

    Shipping costs
    There are plenty of options for international shipments such as:
    – International letters and maxiletters offered by many postal companies
    – Fast door-to-door deliveries are a good way to engage customers worldwide
    – Pickup point shipments with international couriers.

    Delivery time
    International letters and maxiletters are more cost efficient and relatively fast in Europe (3 – 5 days) however to locations outside Europe the delivery times can exceed to even 2 – 4 weeks. Faster deliveries are done with international couriers such as DHL. Next day door-to-door deliveries are known to increase customer satisfaction and reordering. Online retailer with small shipping volumes can benefit greatly when using centralized volume based freight contracts.

    Inside the EU there is are no customs. Even in European markets many online retailers have markets to expand to. Deliveries within the EU are fast and cost-effective. Shipments to non-EU countries such as Norway, for example, require appropriate customs documents. OGOship takes care of these documents for you. No extra charge!

    Start shipping globally tomorrow
    OGOship can help you reach new markets. By outsourcing logistics to OGOship online retailers can try new markets with minimum risk. OGOship covers the freight contracts globally and you can start with even one shipment.

    OGOship at you service

    • Integrations to most common online store platforms free of charge.
    • Outsourced warehouse and stock updates.
    • Fully automated order fulfilments and pick&pack -service.
    • Fast shipments all over the globe.
    • Global door-to-door shipments with pricing normally only possible with large volumes.
    • Automated customs documents for your shipments.
    • Easy and flexible Pick&Pack pricing. No hidden costs. You only pay for action!
    • PRO-services to bring your business to the next level.

    More information about International Shipping

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