TOP5 Trends 2018

E-Commerce Trends to Watch for in 2018

The e-commerce market is changing continuously. New trends are coming so fast that previous ones have not yet even been implemented. So, what are the trends to look for now? Consumer behavior, customer experience and the rapid technological advances will rise in this year’s e-commerce trends. Here are a few tips to watch out for:

Trends in 2018

  1. Knowing the customer is more important than ever.
  2. Customer Experience will be a competitive advantage.
  3. More online stores start cross-border sales.
  4. New technologies are being used in everyday operations.
  5. Growth is generated by courage, innovation and by understanding the customer.

Knowing the customer
The impatience and the level of demand for e-commerce customers is growing. Millennials will rise to purchase decision makers. They will bring in a new customer segment “video only”. In addition, the customer segment “mobile only” continues to grow.

Make sure your Online Store provides interesting features for all target groups in both communications and technology. Customer understanding is important in every phase of the purchase flow. Customer understanding and experience will become the most important asset of your online store.

Even small retailer can win a big race in the global market
It’s common to think that an online store who can sell more cheaply or with a wider range is the only one to succeed in global markets. However, a small player can win the race by focusing on smaller niche markets or products and linking actions to the customer’s passions. Instead of price competition, focus on your strengths and build a story where the customer wants to be involved.

The global market is just a shipment away – What’s your excuse not to be present in all markets?
Selling locally doesn’t differ from selling nationally. Selling globally is almost as easy as selling locally. Why not reach global markets with the right partners?

With OGOship’s easy and flexible logistics solutions you can outsource your warehousing and shipments. Global markets are just a shipment away. With OGOship you can ship worldwide with volume based freight contracts like a professional. Start your international sales today by selecting a few test products, approaching potential customers and see what happens! Starting international shipping has never been easier!

New technologies are being used in everyday operations
E-commerce markets are developing rapidly. There are many must haves: chatbots, voice recognition, augmented reality, bid data profiling, QR codes, omni platforms etc. However, smaller retailers cannot implement everything and keep up the pace in marketing. Luckily, the future is bright for retailers who adapt to the needs of their customers. Knowing the customers will be more important than ever. The online retailers who will find success in 2018 and beyond are the ones who can successfully evolve along with consumers.

Outsourcing your logistics you can free your time on boosting sales and focusing on customers.
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