outsourced logistics to OGOship and focused on product development

Outsourcing logistics enables your business to seek growth has been developing product innovation for Balayage dyeing needs. SENS Europe Oy, owner of, is an European company striving for quality products for women and men in beauty and good quality of life.

In the first phase of operations, logistics were decided to outsource to third party. As a result, company’s resources were more efficient in product development, sales growth, as well as product brand building and marketing.

Sens Europe’s managing director, Heikki Niemelä, emphasizes that the co-operation with OGOship has been cost-effective, flexible and reliable. Without logistics and warehouses storage system, our own investment was reasonable. “We have been able to focus on developing product design and Sens Balayage hair care products” Niemelä continues. At the beginning, the co-operation was started easily and quickly as the selected online store platform had ready free integration to OGOship warehouse management. is increasing product range rapidly. At present, product development work is in progress among their own hairdresser’s range of products. Outsourcing logistics to OGOship ensures the scalability of logistical operation. The number of products can grow rapidly and shipments to worldwide with competitive prices are easy to use. Niemelä also notes that “our developing expectations have been listened to and they have been taken forward in a decisive way. OGOship’s service is flexible and we are able to scale operation more easily when the business grows.” is established to offer a high-quality range of beauty care products from high-quality shampoos to everyday mail clippers. Everything that a woman needs for self-caring with a sensible price-quality rate.

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